Our Video Production solutions cover an array of services; Live Event Multiple Camera Video Projection, Live Event Video Recording, Video Streaming to social media platforms and over closed networks company wide. Our Video Production type services include; promotional, testimonial, demonstration, and instructional. All while remaining creatively unique and using scripting that is engaging for the viewer with calls to action. We don’t just make a video we create an experience that is impressionable.


From HDTV Display Mounting, Audio Systems, Low Voltage Data, to Security Cameras and more…Updating your facility with the latest Audio Visual Devices that better serves you and your customer while remaining cutting edge is the bottom line. But you want it done right, you want it to last, and you want to understand the technology to a point where you and your team can use and operate. We get it!


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We get it… Your product or service needs a video that is a vehicle that informs your customer and gives them a reason and an action to connect with you and your brand. Partner with us as we develop a script, find a location, bring all the needed gear, coach on screen talent, edit, and deliver. Read on more to list a list of our video production capabilities.

Video capabilities


Live Events

Faith Based


Web Commercials

Product Demonstration

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Production capabilities

Live Video Streaming

Robotic Camera Operation

Multi-Camera Switching Operation

Video Editing

Camera Operation ENG & DSLR

Product Demonstration


Video Services Summary



Creative Concept

Call To Action Strategy


Script & Treatment

Location Scouting

On Screen Talent

Production Crew


Production Possibilities

Live Video Recording

Live Video Streaming

Studio Production

Lighting Equipment

Audio Equipment

Music License

Camera Supports



Video Editing

Sound Editing

Cloud Revisions

Voice Over

Graphic & Animation

First & Final Draft

First & Final Draft

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